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Robert Lambert was born from solid beginnings in the heartland of this great country of ours on January 13, 1938 in Sioux City Iowa. Like many children of that age he liked to draw and paint from the comic strips such as Dick Tracy & Sam Ketcham. He competed fiercely with his brother who seemed to outdo him most of the time. This would soon change. His interest in art continued through his high school years, graduating from Heeland High School in Sioux City in 1955.

While living at home saving most of his money to attend full time a dedicated art school, the Prestigious American Academy of Art in Chicago Illinois. They offered a two year course, seven hours a day focusing on commercial art. While still drawing in his spare time and working for two years he saved enough money to go to the academy and commit his full attention to excel at the assigned coursework and completed the 24 month program in a record 15 months, an achievement never before attained at the academy.

At the academy he was introduced to the Air Brush and was fascinated at the realism that could be achieved with this new found tool. He took an elective class in the retouching of photographs and found his niche. Remembering to this day, the school councelor saying that five years after graduating only 5% of the students would be working in a hands-on artistic position. Only the talented would survive.

A few years after graduation from the Academy Robert had the opportunity to move to Minneapolis Minnesota where he started his own art studio. This was the beginning of a long, successful and varied career. He quickly became sought after to work on many local and national accounts. Robert’s skill with the air brush in painting over large photographic images used in print advertising was undetectable when reproduced. Enhancing the images of beautiful models for top firms such as Aveda© and Estee Lauder© and Bath and Body Works© made him an industry go-to guy. For top companies such as Arctic Cat©, Polaris© and Yamaha© he improved the beauty of their pictures and added design changes to existing pictures making them suitable for national advertising campaigns. 3M©, the industrial giant, used his services on many products throughout their line. He is the winner of two Clio awards (the Oscar of the Art world) for his efforts. In 1986 he was named Artist of the Year celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Saint Paul Minnesota Winter Carnival Art Show and has produced nine limited edition prints.

Robert now does more painting than photo re-touching. He found out a long time ago that trying to figure out what people like to buy in a painting is next to impossible. Robert now paints to please his artist soul and the emails he receives from people touched by his work give
him great joy. If you look closely at his work you will see the attention to realistic detail that dominates his work. If you enjoy Robert’s art, it is truley the result of deep love for the medium and an eye for the color & movement of life. Robert and wife Sonya make there home and studio along the bluffs of the Minnesota River Valley in Bloomington Minnesota.


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